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Covid-19: What We're Doing

The COVID-19 pandemic and recent corresponding global events have thrust us into reality to accept the new “normal” of daily living, prevention, and corresponding changes to health care practice.  Exposure to this new virus in both breadths of exposure and its virulence has forced us to practice “social distancing” and personal protective practice, terms that may seem novel to many in this unprecedented crisis.


Ambulatory Anesthesia Services and our referring network of dentists and oral surgeons have made the necessary actions to ensure patient safety, as well as the safety of the practicing dental clinicians. Although initially inconvenient for some, the necessity of these changes was widely welcomed by patients and dental offices. The changes made were paramount and timeliness to act was swift.


Adjustments to a standard dental visit include having our patients wait in their cars prior to beginning a case rather than risking them and the front office staff to aerosol exposure by being in the waiting area. Thorough maintenance of our anesthesia cabinets and equipment through increased and frequent cleansing with antimicrobial wipes as well as the continued hygienic practice of anesthesia equipment is practiced between patients and daily. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including full-body gowns, disposable booties, face shields, goggles, and N95 masks are consistently worn by our providers and staff to minimize the ever-present risk of exposure.

The doctors of Ambulatory Anesthesia Services and our beloved staff are working together with the full cooperation of our dental offices and patients to weather this storm. Our desire to be well-informed of this deadly virus while educating others ultimately ensures the safest anesthesia and dental care for our community. Our website (insert link to online AAS resources) has a plethora of information for our patients, including recent developments in clinical research, and treating dentists, including accepted protocols for patient safety and webinars on business practice. We are readily available to answer your questions and provide safe anesthesia care in this ever-changing climate.

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