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Before Your Treatment

1) A week before your appointment


  • If you are having dental surgery, please limit the use of Aspirin and/or Ibuprofen. These medications may increase bleeding during your treatment or dental surgery. If you are on either medication for a heart condition or for blood thinning, please inform your physician of the dental treatment.​

  • Please inform your dentist or surgeon and our team of any changes in medications including herbs, vitamins, and any health conditions such as the common cold or flu.​

  • Please arrange for an escort for the ride to and from the office. A responsible adult is recommended for the post-operative care.

2) A day before your appointment

Due to possible complications and the increase incidence of post-operative nausea, the following guidelines regarding food and liquids consumption should be followed strictly:


  • Curtail eating solid foods 6 hours prior to the anesthetic. If you have an afternoon appointment, a light breakfast is preferred.

  • Curtail drinking clear liquids 4 hours prior to the anesthetic. Dairy and citrus drinks are not recommended 8 hours prior to the anesthetic. 

  • Morning medications and pre-medications such as prophylactic antibiotics and sedatives should be taken with a small sip of water an hour and half prior to the anesthetic.

  • ​Confirm with your dentist and surgeon as to the approximate completion time of the surgery. Have your escort arrive promptly at the specified time.

  • ​Have a responsible adult to assist during your recovery at home.

3) On the day of your appointment


  • Before dental surgery, our team will meet with you and evaluate your medical condition to create an anesthetic plan that is right for you based on your needs. Therefore, please plan to arrive slightly ahead of your appointment time.​

  • During dental surgery, advanced technology is used to monitor your health, and our team will interpret these sophisticated monitors in order to appropriately diagnose, regulate and treat your body while a personalized, delicate balance of anesthetic medications are administered.

  • ​After dental surgery, our anesthesiologists will facilitate your comfortable recovery. It is highly important that a responsible adult is present at your appointment and home to provide you proper care during your recovery.

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