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Partner Questions

1) I do not have experience working with patients under sedation. Will that be a problem?


Not at all. Our anesthesiologists can gently walk the entire dental team through the process, so that all members of the treatment team are on the same page and are in constant communication when it comes to patient care.


2) I’m interested in having sedation in my practice. What equipment do I need to provide for treatment under anesthesia?


Not additional equipment is necessary as it is brought to each case by the anesthesiologist. If you already have an oxygen source and/or a wheelchair, please let our office know beforehand.

3) What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are accepted as a fee for service. Any major credit card, personal check, money order is accepted. There is a 10% cash discount. If you are interested in insurance as payment, please notify our office staff so that we may provide you a dental claim form.

4) What paperwork is required before beginning treatment with the patient?

All necessary paperwork will be handled by our lovely staff and will be sent directly to the patient including health history, any medical consults, financial forms, consent forms and HIPAA agreements.


5) What is your policy on rescheduling a cancelled/failed appointment? Do you require a deposit from the treating office or from the patient?

There will be no charge for an appointment that is cancelled or rescheduled. However, if there is a string of rescheduled/cancelled appointments, our staff may ask for a deposit to ensure future appointments.

Our Services

Our expertise in IV sedation enables us to choose the best protocol for any type of patient.

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