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We Bring You State of the Art Dental IV Sedation

Our ambulatory IV sedation services offers you the opportunity to practice dentistry and perform your dental treatments without the worries associated with dental anesthetic and patient management. 


1) Grow your dental practice


Work more efficiently, provide maximum comfort, and safety to your patients, while you offer more extensive procedures during a visit.

2) Collaborate and plan with our team 


We will perform a pre-assessment and health history analysis for each patient. In addition, we will evaluate any medical consultations with you and the patient prior to the scheduled appointment. We will also provide the patient with detailed pre-operative and post-operative instructions for dental anesthesia recovery.


Our team will provide your patient with the upmost of attention and care through this process. Your patients will be guided and supported through their care.


3) Advanced technology in dental IV sedation 


With advanced anesthesia techniques, innovative medications, and monitoring equipment. We will prepare and monitor your patients throughout the entire dental procedure.


We can delivery different capabilities based on special requirements and patient needs.

Our Services

Our expertise in IV sedation enables us to choose the best protocol for any type of patient.

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Minimal Dental Sedation
Moderate Dental Sedation
Deep Dental Sedation
Special Needs Dentistry
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