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Finance & Insurance

Planning For Dental IV Sedation 

1) Insurance Information


Our dental anesthesia practice is not a provider with any medical or dental insurance company. It is important that reimbursement for the dental anesthesia fee by dental or medical insurance programs not be assumed.


We are not affiliated with your dentist, surgeon or insurance company. Many dental insurance policies do not pay for anesthesia services. Please check with your insurance company representative as to the benefits of your policy. Keep in mind a verbal approval or explanation of benefits (EOB) is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance carrier.


As a courtesy, we will supply you with a Superbill or dental claim form for the dental anesthesia services to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Our dental anesthesia practice does not have a contract with your insurance company. We advise you to follow up with your insurance directly in regards to your reimbursement. 

2) Billing & Fees


Our dental anesthesia fees are based on the duration of your treatment. An estimate will be provided after we determine from your dentist how long your procedure will be.


Please contact our office directly to learn more.

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