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Special Needs Dentistry

Improving Access to Dental Care

Patients with special needs are those who due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive conditions require special consideration when receiving dental treatment.  


We provide dental IV sedation for patients with special considerations.


Our expertise in IV sedation and dental anesthesia enables us to choose the best protocol for each patient, so that you can work comfortably and without the risks that often exist with certain types of patients:


  • Anxious and nervous patients

  • Physical or mentally challenged patients

  • Patients with low pain tolerance

  • Lengthy dental procedures

  • History of previous anesthesia difficulties or allergies


We have partnered with dentists in Southern California across the following specialties: 


  • General dentistry

  • Pediatric dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Oral surgery

  • Endodontic dentistry

  • Periodontal surgery

Our Services

Our expertise in IV sedation enables us to choose the best protocol for any type of patient.

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Minimal Dental Sedation
Moderate Dental Sedation
Deep Dental Sedation
Special Needs Dentistry
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