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'Unusual' IV High-Dose Vitamin C Success Story in COVID-19

— "Remarkable improvement clinically and on chest x-ray"

A 74-year-old white woman presents to an emergency department in Flint, Michigan, after suffering with low-grade fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath for the previous 2 days.

Her medical history for the week before includes elective surgery at an­other hospital for total replacement of the right knee. She notes that she was healthy on admission and at discharge. She stayed in a private room, and had no contact with individuals who were ill or who had traveled recently. She states that since the surgery, though, she has had pain, redness, and swelling in her right knee.

Her past medical history was pertinent for essential hypertension, obesity, myasthenia gravis in remission, and osteoarthritis.

Full article here.

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