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What is Dental Sedation?

If you suffer from anxiety, low pain tolerance, gag reflex, or need a lengthy complex dental treatment, you now have more freedom to get the smile you want.

Dental Sedation: Wake Up with a New Smile


1) What is it?

Dental sedation is a service that our anesthesiologists provide to induce a relaxing state of mind for you to receive dental treatment or surgery in a comfortable setting. There are different levels of relaxation that we can induce via medications.

2) What will I feel?

Since dental sedation is a spectrum of relaxation, you may experience semi-alertness to full sleep during your dental procedure. However, you may be able to respond to verbal commands. While you are relaxed, your sensation of pain, sound and smell will be greatly diminished. Our patients often describe their experience as if no time has passed.

3) Is it safe?

Yes. It is important that you let our team know about any medications and/or drugs you are taking. You should also let our team know about any medical problems that you may have had so that the sedation procedure can be customized to reflect your special needs.

We use state of the art medical technology and medications that ensures your health and safety.

4) What's the benefit?

If you suffer from anxiety, dental sedation can help you receive your treatment in a relaxed, painless, and comfortable state of mind. ​

Complex dental procedures such as smile makeovers or extensive rebuilding procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in fewer appointments.

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